Why Integral Elders?

Integral philosopher  Steve McIntosh explains the origins of integral theory, starting with Georg Friedrich Hegel, who first explained the mechanisms of evolution in human history, and on through a stream of philosophers who unified the evolution of matter, consciousness and spirit. He also considers a line of developmental psychologists, such as Jean Piaget and Clare Graves, who defined the distinct stages of human growth including the emerging integral stage.

My interest in Integral Theory began in the 1980’s at a time when I was also studying Jungian psychology. To say it was rare to get that opportunity is an understatement, but to me it was a precious time to indulge my passion for Philosophy, psychology and religion.

The appeal was in the notion that more than one perspective was permitted and there was more to life than the shallow version I was familiar with at the time.

Now I am living in a Retirement Village, all the time to study that I want, it is my great indulgance. Sadly, not all older people can access the Internet, but I hope I can pass on the tips I am gleaning from my daily web crawl.